How to Roll a Swisher: Swishers are an affordable cigar that is commonly used as a blunt wrap. Usually coming in a two pack for about a dollar, Swishers can be found in nearly every convenience store, making them a popular choice. Unlike blunt wraps, which come hollow, Swishers are a little cigar, which means they are filled with tobacco. This article is part 2 of a 4 part series about rolling blunts. Part 1 taught us how to roll a blunt using a blunt wrap.

Step 1: Preparation

how to roll a swisher step 1

  • 1 Swisher (more recommended)
  • 1 Gram of Weed
  • 1 Filter (optional)
  • Grinder
  • X-Acto Knife

If your swisher is too dry it may crack when you go to break it open, you can lick the swisher to help moisturize it if it is too dry.

Open your pack of Swishers and break down your flowers.

Step 2: Slice it Open

how to roll a swisher step 2

I prefer to use a razor, start by cutting, or ripping, as straight as possible until the swisher’s wrap is completely open. When using your fingers be aware of any little rips that may have been created.

Step 3: Empty it

how to roll a swisher step 3

Remove the tobacco from the Swisher, again, take notice of the dryness of your swisher, if it is too dry you can lick it.

Step 4: Roll it

how to roll a swisher step 4

Carefully shape the weed with your fingers, pressing it into the shape you want your blunt to be in, and ever so gently, begin rolling your thumb and forefingers up and down packing the weed into the blunt’s shape.

Step 5: Lick it

how to roll a swisher step 5

Once your blunt is a tightly rolled as you prefer it to be, be sure to lick all the little pieces of blunt wrap that have come unpressed from each other, lick it until it is all the way sealed. Check all along the seam and when it looks air tight, let it dry a moment.

Step 6: Smoke it!

Your Swisher is all rolled and ready to be enjoyed!

Swishers are excellent, not only for their availability, but also due to their ease of rolling. Remember that practice makes perfect, if at first you don’t succeed, Swishers are cheap and won’t get their feeling hurt if you accidentally rip them apart.

Happy rolling!