1. Don’t try to kill your friend.

If you’re taking someone’s dab virginity, especially if they’re an experienced smoker, it could be really funny to watch them take more than they can handle. As amusing as it is, don’t do it. Let people know what they’re getting themselves into.


2. Make sure your rig is clean.

I mean, come on. It’s one of the top 5 habits every good stoner should have. No one really wants to use a dirty rig. They will if they have to, but they secretly judge you a little. Will they care about it the first dab? Probably not. But keep the rig clean anyway. It at least enhances the flavor.

3. Come prepared.

If you’re supplying the rig, make sure you have a good amount of butane in your torch (or an extra can). Be sure to have a dabber, alcohol wipes (to clean the dabber between dabs), food for your friends, cold water in the fridge, and – most importantly – enough wax for everyone.

4. Know your limits.

Dabbing is not a race. Dabbing too much is possible, and it’s not fun at all. Make sure you know your limits and if you’re a first-time dabber, only take really small amounts at a time.

5. Be courteous, even if it’s your stuff.

The old adage “Ladies First” still applies here. If there happen to be no ladies present, start with the new guy (if you have one). If there’s no new guy, ask the group who wants to go first. Done. Also, if it’s not your wax, don’t touch it with your hands. If the concentrate isn’t stable, you’ll end up getting it all over your hands and wasting it. This won’t make anyone happy.

6. Match if you have it.

Dabs are expensive, and your friend is being really nice by smoking you out. Don’t take advantage of this, or you’ll find yourself being left out of group dabs. Nobody likes a freeloader, so be sure to contribute every once in a while, whether that be finding your own concentrates or throwing in some cash.