There are a lot of people that a lot of cannabis connoisseurs that are averse to smoking pre-rolls. If you’re a careful person, there are plenty of good reasons to be cautious. The risks can go from being as small as some bad quality bud to as large as harsh chemicals that can lead to illness or death. With that being said, the pre-rolls being offered in medical marijuana dispensaries are largely safe and many are changing the entire game. Recently,

According to Golani’s website (, “Our Golani Tute flavored rolls are hand-crafted, indica dominant premium blend pre-rolls composed of our exclusive top-shelf Golani O.G. flowers, mixed with solvent-free bubble hash, dipped in primarily CBD dominant strawberry flavored hash oil and rolled in top-shelf kief, giving a consistent and potent pre-roll. SC Lab tested and containing over 1.5 grams of Golani infused product, the Golani Tute Roll provides fast and long-lasting pain relief for various symptoms including insomnia, anxiety, appetite loss or serious illnesses. By using King size natural RAW papers, we ensure with every smooth drag comes an all natural, irresistible potent strawberry flavor and long-lasting experience you can enjoy conveniently.”

Notes From My Experience (as best as I could remember):

Aroma: Immediately smells like strawberry
Packaging: The hard glass/plastic packaging is a nice touch. Not worried about breaking or bending joint
Appearance: Packed well, no bends, no air bubbles, no space; ashes evenly
Pre-lit inhale: tastes strawberry-ish (could be directly related to strong strawberry scent)
Time toked: 1pm
Time hit: 1:10
High lasted: About an hour
Taste: Tastes strongly like strawberry due to hash oil dip; burns very slowly, and mostly evenly; taste eventually gets more piney and earthy; inhale gets harsher further in
Feel: relaxed body high, could feel tension lifting from back and shoulder; definitely indica vibes; a little out of it and lethargic; stress in back and shoulders lifting; hitting hard (as someone with a high tolerance)
Munchies: Hell yeah
Sleepy: Definitely
Back to normal by 5
Didn’t finish the whole joint on my own; perfect party pass

Overall, I’m a fan of the Golani pre-rolls. They’re not in my home state yet, so I happened to get them in a mail-in package. I would definitely smoke them again, but even as a seasoned smoker, it is not a feat that I would attempt alone again. It took me several tries to get through the whole thing and I was out for the count. It was fun though.