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Europe, Spice, and Everything Nice

Parts of America have become very fortunate in that they can now smoke weed recreationally. Let me tell you, you’re some lucky motherfuckers. While we Europeans like to think we’re more advanced than America, I mean, at least we get free healthcare, weed legalization still seems a long way off for most of us.

There is hope of course. Amsterdam has always been a great spot to vacation and Germany is actually considering legalization. But, most of us still have to do without.

Legal Alternatives to Weed

That’s where we come in. I am the co-founder of Flight AMS. We provide quality synthetics and other legal products and have been for over 7 years. We started off running head shops and then decided to move the business online. Customers seem to prefer the delivery to their door anyway.

If any of you are involved in the head shop business, you know how hard it is to stay within the constantly changing laws. Try doing it for 44 different countries with 44 different languages. While we certainly enjoy, I mean really enjoy, what we do, it’s a lot of work.

While we sell synthetics, the honest to god fact is that most of us would prefer some weed. However, many of our customers have families and jobs that make crossing the law a really bad idea. Plus, synthetics have some different effects, which are enjoyable in their own right.

Exact Opposites

The funny thing about the whole situation is that, while weed is illegal and synthetics aren’t in Europe, it’s the exact opposite in America. Many states are starting to legalize weed, but synthetics have become illegal.

Cowboys & Safety

Now, there’s a good reason for that. Apart from the usual scare stories the media pushes out there, there were also a lot of cowboys in the industry who put god knows what in their products. Some people got sick, some people had bad reactions. And, of course, there’s always a small percentage that will have a bad reaction to a particular product no matter what, be it aspirin or marijuana.

Since you couldn’t always be sure what you’re getting and, because the products weren’t regulated for human consumption, you might have a vendor create two different batches using two completely different blends. So you gotta be careful and only shop from trusted vendors.

Once you find a good vendor you can trust, you’re good to go. And it’s a fun business to be in. Obviously, we get to sample our own stuff basically for free and we get to talk with a lot of cool people that love our product.

Surfing and Running a Business

Moving the business online has been awesome. I can now travel all over Europe to connect with customers. And running everything online means I can even go surfing in the Philippines for a week and still run my business. Not a bad life, if you ask me.

If the more adventurous among you ever decide to come on over, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


Peter from FlightAMS.com