Dollar High Club Review

dollar high clubSo, since they’ve been all over the news lately, I thought I’d give a quick review of Dollar High Club. I stated using their service a few months ago and simply fell in love. Smoking supplies delivered to my front door every month? Yes, please. And for the cost it was an absolute no brainer. The one time I did have a problem (package arrived slightly opened due to the roughness of the United States Postal Service), I reached out to them and got an IMMEDIATE response via Twitter. Within a couple of days, I had everything that I was missing and life was great again.

I cannot recommend their service highly enough. They have a tier for everyone. For tokers on a budget, you have the All-Natural package for only a dollar a month (plus shipping and handling). For the people like me that smoke a good amount and like to try a variety of different ways to smoke, they have the Connoisseur package for twelve dollars a month. For the big baller, shot callers, however, they have the El Primo package for 30 dollars a month that gets you a new glass piece every month. I’ve seen some of this glass and it is beautiful. If you can spare the change, definitely splurge on the El Primo package. It’s worth every cent.

Between the excellent customer service, wide variety, and affordable prices, Dollar High Club absolutely cannot be beat. Head over and check out for yourself and sign up. I promise you, you won’t regret it. It’s probably my favorite of the by mail smoking services.

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(P.S. Dollar High Club! Hook it up with a free El Primo package for such a glowing review. You guys are dope!)