Proper Dab Etiquette: How to not be “that guy” when dabbing

Proper Dab Etiquette: How to not be “that guy” when dabbing

1. Don’t try to kill your friend.

If you’re taking someone’s dab virginity, especially if they’re an experienced smoker, it could be really funny to watch them take more than they can handle. As amusing as it is, don’t do it. Let people know what they’re getting themselves into.


2. Make sure your rig is clean.

I mean, come on. It’s one of the top 5 habits every good stoner should have. No one really wants to use a dirty rig. They will if they have to, but they secretly judge you a little. Will they care about it the first dab? Probably not. But keep the rig clean anyway. It at least enhances the flavor.

3. Come prepared.

If you’re supplying the rig, make sure you have a good amount of butane in your torch (or an extra can). Be sure to have a dabber, alcohol wipes (to clean the dabber between dabs), food for your friends, cold water in the fridge, and – most importantly – enough wax for everyone.

4. Know your limits.

Dabbing is not a race. Dabbing too much is possible, and it’s not fun at all. Make sure you know your limits and if you’re a first-time dabber, only take really small amounts at a time.

5. Be courteous, even if it’s your stuff.

The old adage “Ladies First” still applies here. If there happen to be no ladies present, start with the new guy (if you have one). If there’s no new guy, ask the group who wants to go first. Done. Also, if it’s not your wax, don’t touch it with your hands. If the concentrate isn’t stable, you’ll end up getting it all over your hands and wasting it. This won’t make anyone happy.

6. Match if you have it.

Dabs are expensive, and your friend is being really nice by smoking you out. Don’t take advantage of this, or you’ll find yourself being left out of group dabs. Nobody likes a freeloader, so be sure to contribute every once in a while, whether that be finding your own concentrates or throwing in some cash.

How Hard Is It To Get A California Medical Marijuana Card? Short answer: Not Really.

How Hard Is It To Get A California Medical Marijuana Card? Short answer: Not Really.

There are times when some of us need to travel to California (for business or pleasure) and during those times, you don’t want to be without your medication. Recently, I went to Los Angeles for a convention and I decided to see how hard it would be to get a California Medical Marijuana card and stay medicated while I was out of town. It took me less than five minutes. Here’s how I did it:


Strainprint App Review: A New Way To Track Cannabis Consumption

Strainprint App Review: A New Way To Track Cannabis Consumption

A couple of weeks ago, I received a request to review an application that was relatively new to the app store called Strainprint. According to their site, “[Strainprint’s] mission is to help people use cannabis in the most effective way possible. By guiding patients to track their own cannabis intake, we will help to refine and improve treatment. It is our aim to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a therapy.” This is a unique idea and I believe the premise is something that could be really beneficial to the study of the effects of different strains of marijuana. So, I decided to give it a shot! Here are my thoughts:


– The setup process for Strainprint couldn’t be easier. If you use cannabis to treat any medical conditions, you’re more than likely to find the condition on the extensive list the Strainprint provides. In addition to that, you can select the symptoms you experience as a result of the condition and that really impressed me. You can really narrow it down, which is helpful when you use the Snapshot feature.

Keep on reading!

Happy 4/20!

Happy 4/20 from us here at Celebrate safely out there and we’ll see you soon!


Is Your Bud Laced With Something? Use Your Senses

You should always be careful when getting prepackaged marijuana, even if it’s from a trusted trusted sources. Pre-rolled joints alone could include things like synthetic marijuana, crystal meth, PCP, and crack cocaine. It can cost a ridiculous amount to test every batch of weed you get from a less that reputable dealer, so here are five ways to tell if your weed is laced with something by using your senses.

Trust Your Eyes

Before you grind up and light up, always take a good look at your bud for more than a picture to post on the ‘gram. Make sure that the trichomes on your plant look legit because there have been instances where shady dealers try to add laundry detergent or little pieces of glass to make bad weed look better. Even worse, some crushed pills and other drugs can be sprinkled on top of a bowl to look like kief. Another telling sign is if when you go to light the bowl, there is a lot of sparking and popping. Sure, sometimes you get shwag weed with seeds in it and they pop, but if the popping is more than a little constant, the weed may be contaminated.

Trust Your Nose

We all know (and a lot of us love) the smell of fresh marijuana in the morning… or vaped marijuana.. or smoked marijuana. If your bud doesn’t smell quite right, first and foremost, check for mold. After no mold is confirmed, be aware of the possibility that whomever grew the bud initially did not do a complete flush and there could still be pesticides and other harmful chemicals still in the plant. If the smell gets worse, or stops smelling like cannabis all together, the weed could be laced with another drug. It’s probably a good idea to put that stuff down.

Trust Your Tastebuds

Despite the harsh feeling that the irritants in cannabis leave in your throat when you smoke, it shouldn’t necessarily taste bad. When you inhale the smoke, it makes a pass over your tongue and tastebuds. If the weed tastes like an unflavored chewable aspirin, it may be laced with something. Another thing to watch out for would be an extra harsh feeling in your throat and lungs, especially if you’re an experienced smoker.

Trust Your Body

You know your body better than anyone. The side effects of indica and sativa strains are different, of course, but if you’re experiencing more extreme symptoms, something could have been in your bud. Memory loss, agitation, insomnia, excessive energy, and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Most of those symptoms are easily associated with specific hard drugs that can be mixed with cannabis.

Our friends at put together a list of ways to check to see if the weed you have is legit. Stay safe out there!


Does weed go bad?

If you’re like me, every once in a while, you set aside some bud for later or just forget that you have it all together. When it’s found again, you have the thought “…I wonder if this has gone bad” because we’ve all we’ve all been burned by a carton of milk… at least once.

Great news stoners: weed doesn’t go bad, sort of.

Old weed doesn’t rot or poison you or make you physically ill. Mostly, it’ll just be terrible to smoke and burn your throat when you inhale it. Also, if you leave it in a damp place, old marijuana can grow mold on it. Old weed will also go bad in the sense if decreasing in potency depending on how it was stored. The THC, or technically the THCA, can be converted to CBN, which is less psychoactive than THC.

Overall, if you store your weed correctly, it can last for years. If you don’t, it just won’t make you as high as it did when it was fresher. The best way to store you weed to not let it go bad is to keep it in a glass or ceramic jar in a cool, dry place. Vacuum-sealing it works great too.

But what if you already have bud that’s too dry? Fear not, my stoner friends. Though it may not restore the THC that was lost, there are ways to rehydrate bud that’s already too dry to smoke comfortable. You can also vape it, or make edibles with it. All is not lost, friends.

Let me know about your experience with old weed!

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