10 States Most Likely to Pass Recreational Marijuana Next

Every week there’s a new story about how well recreational marijuana legalization has helped states such as Colorado, Washington and Oregon. And now several other states, such as California, Nevada and Massachusetts, have jumped on the train to reap the benefits of legalization. As the trend continues of states generating success from cannabis, where could we see future expansion of recreational use? Here’s a list of 10 states most likely to pass recreational marijuana next.

10. New York

New York is one of the most liberal states in America. And yet, it continues to keep recreational marijuana illegal. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, has expressed concern about smoking marijuana. Smokeable and edible marijuana are not available in the state’s medical program. However, there remains strong support within the state to expand both the medical marijuana program and allow recreational use. Considering how powerful liberal voices are in the state, Cuomo may not be able to resist the legalization movement for long.

9. Rhode Island

Unlike many states that have legalized recreational marijuana, Rhode Island has no ballot initiative process where voters can pass laws through referendums. But, there have been several legislative attempts to legalize marijuana, and polls show that 59 percent of the state supports recreational use legalization.

8. Delaware

Delaware has an unusual relationship with marijuana. Despite allowing medicinal use, the state only has one dispensary. But the 2016 gubernatorial race seemed to indicate a changing relationship with cannabis. The Republican candidate openly supported legalization, and the Democratic candidate and eventual victor says he wants to see how legalization affected more states. That may not be a ringing endorsement, but it’s definitely not a hard no to future legalization efforts.


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5 Marijuana Facts That Are In-Freaking-Sane

1. $6.7 billion sales for marijuana in North America last year

ArcView Market Research estimates that the North American market for marijuana in 2016 totaled $6.7 billion. And that’s 30% higher than the previous year. Arcview compares the growth in the marijuana industry to the growth of cable television in the 1990s and broadband internet in the first decade of the 21st century.

2. 83% of Americans support legalizing medical marijuana

You might have seen some polls showing that a substantial majority of Americans support legalization of marijuana. The solid support, though, is for the legalization of medical marijuana. The Yahoo News/Marist College survey reported that 83% of respondents supported legalization of medical marijuana. That’s consistent with another study conducted by Quinnipiac University.

3. 55 million Americans used marijuana in the past year

This number comes from a survey conducted by Altaba’s Yahoo News and Marist College. It includes roughly 35 million adults who use marijuana at least once or twice per month and another 20 million who have used marijuana once or twice in the past year.

4. Around 25% fewer opioid-related deaths in states with legal medical marijuana

The opioid epidemic is a huge problem in the U.S. However; research has found that the annual rate of deaths due to opioid overdoses was nearly 25% lower in states that allow legal use of medical marijuana. Some clinical studies indicate that medical marijuana could be useful in helping to alleviate pain.

5. 129 million American adults have tried marijuana

A recent Gallup poll found that 45% of Americans have tried marijuana at least once. However, the Yahoo News/Marist College survey reported that 52% of American adults had tried the drug at some point in their lives. That translates to around 129 million people.

5 Reasons (Of The MANY) Weed Should Be Legal

5 Reasons (Of The MANY) Weed Should Be Legal

Law enforcement policies regarding marijuana possession affect specific racial groups disproportionately.
Most arrests for marijuana possession involve Hispanic individuals and African Americans. This would seem to suggest that anti-marijuana laws are unfairly slanted against these races, as Caucasians and non-Hispanic Americans have much less likelihood of being arrested for marijuana possession.


Legalizing marijuana may reduce drug access for teenagers.
As long as marijuana remains illegal, selling it will continue to serve as a lucrative earning opportunity for teenagers. Legalization will also help to disassociate marijuana from other more dangerous illegal drugs, reducing teen access to them.


Prohibition relies on distortion of facts, disinformation, and outright lies.
As more and more evidence of marijuana’s benefits are discovered, prohibition proponents have had to become increasingly reliant on exaggeration, falsehoods, fallacies, and outright lies. In fact, many of the most prevalent arguments against legalization are based on woefully outdated and erroneous information.


Marijuana is a much safer drug than alcohol and tobacco.

It takes an extremely large amount of marijuana to overdose; much more than any single person can reasonably consume at one time. It is also much less addictive than alcohol or tobacco.


Marijuana prohibition is costly and uses up money that could be put to better use for government programs.
Enforcing marijuana laws costs tax payers thousands of dollars annually, and utilizes law enforcement and justice system resources that could be put to better use going after those involved with more dangerous drugs.


It really paints quite a convincing picture, doesn’t it? Fortunately, people can no longer ignore the plethora of reasons why marijuana should be legal. The times are changing.

Amsterdam Stoner Bucket List: What To Know

Amsterdam Stoner Bucket List: What To Know

So you want to head to Amsterdam? I try to get there myself every couple of years just to take in the vibe because it’s definitely a chill place to be. So, if you’re headed out that way, here are a few of my tips from one tourist to another.


1. If you can, find accommodations that are cannabis smoking friendly.

If you can find somewhere to stay that lets you smoke weed in your room, you’ll be off to a great start. In 2008, Amsterdam banned the smoking of tobacco in many indoor places (which include hotels), but sometimes weed can be a different story. Many of the places that allow you to smoke in the facility are hostels like the Flying Pig. There’s a smoking area connected to the bar, but rooms and hallways are still non-smoking. If you can’t find one, don’t fret. Edibles are always available if you want to be stoned in the comfort of your hotel.


2. Head directly to a Coffeeshop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200

Coffeeshops, not to be confused with coffee houses or cafes, are where you can (semi) legally buy weed in Amsterdam and they are EVERYWHERE. It may be more efficient to Google where they are because it’s actually illegal to have too much signage advertising marijuana in front of the establishments.


3. Bring Cash

After you find a coffeeshop that piques your interest, you walk in and buy weed. It’s that simple. Some places, however, don’t accept cards. If you’re like me, you think everyone should take Apple Pay, but we’re not there yet. So, if you want to make sure you can get that good herb.


4. Know Your Stuff

I know it can be intimidating to go into a coffee shop for the first time, but there are a few thing that you need to know going into it. In Amsterdam, joints are different. They include tobacco, much like a spliff in the United States. If you want a pre-roll of straight weed, you need to ask for a “pure joint”. That’ll be closer to what you’re expecting when you ask for a joint. Also, take a good look at your weed. You can check it out and smell it before you buy it. If it doesn’t look good, don’t get it, but make sure you check it!

5. Be Comfortable Not Knowing Your Stuff

If you really don’t know what you want after looking at the menu (which may not be all the descriptive), don’t be “that guy”. It’s okay to ask for recommendations from the person behind the counter. They get asked questions all the time, so they’re used to answering them. Just ask.

6. Make sure it’s okay for you to smoke

Even though a majority of coffeeshops in Amsterdam have smoking sections, you should still check to see if you are allowed to smoke in the venue. One experienced I encountered was that certain coffeeshops only let you smoke what you bought from them. In retrospect, it seems like common sense to not be able to just walk in and smoke weed, but still, check!

7. You can buy snacks, but the coffee is kind of garbage

To be a place called a “coffeeshop”, the actual coffee is not that great. If you’re picturing walking into like a Starbucks of marijuana, it’s not like that at all. It’s closer to walking into a dispensary that also has food for you inevitable munchies. On the upside though, there are a few coffeeshops that do have free wi-fi!


8. About Getting Crossfaded….

You can’t buy weed at bars, but you can smoke in a lot of bars. It’s fairly easy to go pick up some of that sweet, sweet, Amsterdam Mary Jane, then head to a bar and toke up while you have a drink. You can also get edibles and liquor at some liquor stores. This will also be convenient for those in hotels that do not allow smoking.


This, of course, isn’t everything you need to know for a trip to Amsterdam, but it’s a start. There’s a lot of things to explore and do in Amsterdam. Let me know your favorite and your tips for a fun trip to Amsterdam!

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

There are many types of seed used to grow cannabis. One type that many growers are fond of are autoflowering marijuana plants. But what are they, how are they grown, and what exactly is the point?

Autoflowering strains are designed to grow indoors during seasons when a normal outdoor garden can’t produce a quality harvest. When marijuana is cultivated outdoors, its growth depends on the quality and quantity of daylight. Plants do better in the tropics because sunlight there is intense and consistent year-round.

In cooler zones, outdoor farmers are constrained to summer; by autumn there is no longer enough light in the day and in some regions, it can simply be too cold. This is what makes indoor autoflower grows so popular in the United States and other northern climes.

Instead of blooming mid-summer, when outdoor sunlight is ideal, autoflowering plants bloom automatically, usually two to four weeks after sprouting. This allows greater control over the cultivation process and makes it possible to grow more weed.

But how do you grow autoflowering seeds? Here’s a brief explanation:

First, here’s what you’ll need: “feminized” autoflowering seeds; a germinating kit; a bucket or pail that holds 5-15 gallons (with holes in the bottom); enough cannabis-friendly soil to fill your bucket to 3/4; and lights adequate for a standard indoor grow.

Once you have your supplies, follow these steps to cultivate your seeds:

(Optional) Germinate your autoflowering seeds. This can be an easy process. People use paper towel, glasses of water, and even full blown germination kits. Personally, I just stick my seed in the dirt and let it to its thing.

2. Put soil in the bucket until it’s 75 percent full. More soil is better, but only up to about 95 percent full. Of course, your choice of bucket will determine how much pot you’ll be able to grow. That goes for non-autoflowering plants as well.

3. Dig a shallow hole in the middle of the bucket, deep enough to cover the seed (and its sprout if you pre-germinated), and then carefully place the seed in the hole and cover it with soil. Make sure the head of the sprout pokes up from under the dirt.

4. Next, set up your lights. Place them above the plants, leaving 6 to 10 inches between the hot bulbs and the plant tops. Raise the lights as the cannabis plant grows taller.

6. Follow a set lighting schedule during your autoflower grow. This is usually 18 straight hours of light each day and six hours of darkness, or 12 hours of each.

7. Follow recommended steps for a standard marijuana grow. Water the soil as needed (check every day and add water if the soil feels dry). Keep the light consistent throughout the entire cultivation period. Be careful with your nutrients, though. Since autoflowers are already on a tight grow schedule, it can be harder to correct growing mistakes.

8. The final step in producing an autoflowering strain is to harvest the resulting bud after flowering is complete. Once bud start to blossom, you’ll have another 10 to 14 weeks before it’s ready to pick and process. You’ll know the time has come when you see a fine layer of white crystals on the bud.

And that’s how you grow an autoflowering marijuana plant. It’s no harder than growing any other type of cannabis seed, and it could leave you with an even better supply of dope. Give it a try!



4 Things Successful Stoners Do Differently

4 Things Successful Stoners Do Differently

So you want to be a successful stoner? That’s awesome. It’s definitely not an impossible goal. Marijuana is awesome though, so there are a few things to keep in mind that successful stoners do differently than the stereotype:

They realize that moderation is key

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing. Even weed. Smoking too much can be what causes lethargy, especially if you’re one that favors indica strains. Know your limit. You absolutely do not need to smoke until you’re starting at a wall for hours on end and getting nothing done. It can be surprising how little cannabis you need for a recreational high or for medical relief.


They treat it as a reward for a long day

After a long day of dealing with other people’s bullshit, there’s nothing quite like a nice full bowl or vaporizer to relieve stress. While cannabis isn’t physically addictive, it can be mentally addictive to where all you’re thinking about is the next time you get to smoke. Putting your focus on your tasks for the day instead of how often you can hit a joint can significantly increase your productivity. Then, you get to indulge in that sweet, sweet Mary Jane.


They know how different types of cannabis affect them

As a general rule, people know that sativas lift you up while indicas mellow you out. What many people don’t realize however is that the effects of these are not the same across the board for everyone, especially with the amounts of hybrids strains in the world. In addition to that, even hybrids that claim to be the same strain can have varying effects from plant to plant. Be mindful of these things when choosing strains when you have places to go and people to see.


They don’t make cannabis a priority in their life

Have you ever met one of those people that only live for weed? It seems like everything in their life is based on the plant: talking about it, wearing it, and of course, ingesting it. Unless you’re making money from it, successful stoners do not make their entire lives about cannabis. They make their lives about other passions and use pot to enhance their lifestyle. If marijuana is your passion, you should probably find a way to profit from it.