Merry Jane

Daaaaamn, Daniel. Back at it again with the Merry Jane Review.

I know that that meme just came out, but the fact that it’s already old kills my soul a little. This review of the Merry Jane app is special to me because it’s the first one on the new Chronic Lady Youtube channel! I’m going to be posting videos there bi-weekly (for the most part), but I wanted to kick it off right with the Merry Jane app from Merry Jane media.¬†Merry Jane is a social media and lifestyle website launched last year by Snoop Dogg himself. The app is actually really pretty cool. In my video, I go over all of the features that I thought were cool.¬†Are you team #BluntsOverJoints or team #JointsOverBlunts? There hasn’t been a decision this hard since picking your team on Pokemon Go. If you’re going to see Snoop and Wiz on the High Road Tour this summer, this app is a definite must to join in on all the fun that they have to offer. Make sure to check out the video and subscribe to the channel if you’re a fan!