So, this is where you learn a little more about me. Just to be clear, as I’m writing this, I’m dabbing and watching Half Baked for the first time. I’ve heard rave reviews about it and Netflix even gave it 5 stars for me. Also, who doesn’t love Dave Chappelle, am I right? In addition to all of that, I’m sitting less than twenty feet away from two flowering Maui Waui plants. My life is pretty great right now, which is also why I started this blog. I love weed. I could very easily fall into the realm of certified stoner on the marijuana enthusiast spectrum. While a lot of people hate to admit it, I use it for medicinal and recreational purposes. It essentially cures me of my social anxiety, which makes me a way more productive person, while simultaneously helping me look at the world through rose-tinted glasses. It’s kind of amazing. I’m not here to preach or anything. I’m just gonna talk about my personal relationship with cannabis.

So why Chronic Lady? Well, the obvious answer is that I’m obviously a lady that likes chronic, which isn’t a lie. The actual answer, however, is that I got the name from Glee. I know most people stop reading at the mention of Glee, but it’s the truth. My friends and I were trying to watch through the seasons (which did not go well) and one of the characters had a business called Chronic Lady. As a joke, I looked it up and I saw that the URL was open and here we are. I actually had another blog for a short time about the same subject matter, but it was mostly short-lived. I lost interest because it had no focus other than weed. This is going to end up being more about my personal experience so if you guys want to go on this journey with me, I’d be more than down to have you.

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Blaze on,
chronic lady