If you’ve done a dab, you’ve been there. You hit the concentrate and inhale that sweet, potent, goodness and your lungs decide it’s a great time to try and jump out of your throat. So you’re sitting there, hacking up a lung with your eyes watering, wondering how you can prevent this in the future. There are actually ways to control coughing after you dab. In theory, this could also apply to smoking as well, but here are 5 things I’ve found helpful to control coughing.

1. Always have something to drink handy

Cannabis is a throat irritant when inhaled and an irritated throat is one of the main reasons people cough. Your body is trying to expel whatever it thinks is making your throat feel weird. So, to solve this, have a drink handy. Water and tea are especially helpful for calming down a coughing fit. Just take a sip right after you exhale. Some people even suggest taking a sip while you hold the vapor. It sounds messy, but I bet if you could master it it’d be helpful.

2. Deep Breaths

If I know I’m about to take a giant glob, I take a couple of deep breaths before I do it. I release all the air from my lungs and then refill them, repeating the process until I inhale my hit. Taking those deep breaths allowed my lungs to expand some to prepare for the deep breath I was about to take. Since my lungs could then accommodate it, I find myself exhaling normally more than actually coughing.

3. Dab more, but in smaller amounts

This one is two fold. If you want to avoid coughing, dab more. I know that seems counterintuitive, but since concentrated cannabis is a throat irritant, smoking more of it would help your body group a resistance to the irritating effects. The second part, dabbing smaller amounts, is equally as important. Dabbing is not a contest about who could take more. You end up wasting concentrate like that. Dabbing a smaller amount means there’s less vapor to make you cough. You may even get more high because you’re able to properly take the hit with smaller amounts.

4. Cool down your dabs

In order for you to take dabs with a rig, the heating of the nail is crucial. The downside to this, however, is the heat is also a throat irritant. If the dabs come off of the nail a little cooler, they may not irritate your throat as much. You could possibly even consider moving from a titanium nail to a lower heat nail like quartz or ceramic.

Dab on!